Thursday, November 10, 2016

Not a Victory, Only an Opportunity

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Despite what the media tried to force feed into our collective conscience, Americans did not overwhelmingly want Hillary Clinton as President, but let's be honest. 

1) Hillary won the popular vote.
2) If Hillary did that, any moderate democrat would have trounced President Elect Trump.

So I say very directly, THIS IS NOT A VICTORY. The only victory we have is in Jesus. 
This election has not gained you anything you hold sacred or dear. No promise has been kept. No fruit has been produced. 

All that we have been given is a chance and the knowledge that there are still enough people left that don't want to live under the tyranny of government. There are so many whose desperation is so complete that they would turn to a false god in the shape of the government, but for now there are enough people that think I can do this for myself and with my community I can care for my neighbors as myself. But make no mistake about it, our numbers are dwindling. Just by demographic shifts alone, this election result would never have happened in four years.

So what can be done?
1) Pray
2) Fast
3) Give alms

That is the beginning. That can only prepare you for the real work. 

REDEMPTIVE SUFFERING is what will make America great again, not the federal government.

If we don't spread this message constantly from the pulpit, on social media, and through our own personal lives the media and progressives will reclaim the House, the Senate, and the White House again, this time for good. This message cannot be understood in one tweet, in a sound bite, or in a one time exposure. The spread of Christianity has always been greatest in the context of suffering. People will believe in Christ when we suffer as Christ. Our lives will need to be the Gospel before our lips can carry the Gospel.

Under Hillary Clinton and progressive rule Christians would have suffered to maintain our faith. Now with a small window of opportunity Christians must willingly suffer to spread a message of hope to those who rose up against the puppet masters in Washington, Hollywood, and the media.

A recession is coming soon (this happens every 8 years or so regardless of who is in power) and manufacturing jobs are gone. The government will not be able to do anything to change this. Every professed Christian must sacrifice his and her personal comfort on a daily basis to build community, love unconditionally, and connect to the broken. 

Trump will be my president, but I put no trust or hope in him. My hope is in Him who suffered, died, and rose to claim true victory. Pray that my life and yours may shine light on that hope.

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