Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Twitter Bern

"This political season has been made possible by Twitter... Twitter, for those who can only think in 140 character chunks"

If you get a chance, read the transcript of Bernie Sander's speech. There you will find the usually promise to the American voter of unabated government gifting. He probably could have tweeted out the freebies he and Hillary propose to his Twitt(er) fan base. In order, it goes like this

  • government representation for more than 1% (that never gets old)
  • the struggle for economic, social, racial (is that segregated from social?), and environmental justice (how can justice be wrong?)
  • the future of our children (won't anyone think of the children?)
  • the middle class is shrinking (we wouldn't want them to move up to upper middle class)
  • wealth and income equality (there is a fixed amount of wealth, you have to spread it around) grow)
  • the greed of Wall Street (bankers MADE people buy houses they couldn't afford!!!)
  • we need a leader who brings people together (one who doesn't start race wars)
  • minimum wage is too low (let's just raise it, businesses will be just fine)
  • Donald Trump is bad (okay, I totally agree there)
  • don't let billionaires buy elections (except George Soros, he is totally cool)
  • everyone should have free college (i said college right? not indoctrination centers, phew)
  • let's stop climate change (every place on Earth should be just like San Diego, nothing should ever change)
  • everyone's got to have health care (the money will just show for this, I swear)
  • we will break up large Wall Street banks (except the ones that give Hillary money)
The problem with politics now is that the country has a Twitter mindset. People can only think in sound bites. Conservative thought and perspective like anything worth having takes time to appreciate and understand. You have to learn history. You have to appreciate mathematics and logical reasoning. You need to obtain and fulfill responsibilities to appreciate how hard work is necessary for advancement. These are not easily expressed in 140 characters, but both invective and platitudes can. Hence we have the Bern-meister. Young people (read as ignorant) flock to his Twiiter friendly bullet points along with the Oprah fans who like to see things given away to people at the end of shows.
Image result for oprah giving away meme
To top everything off, Twitter hungry America ends up with the two candidates who have the least amount of substance of anyone who has ever run for political office.
Image result for butcher of benghazi memeImage result for the donald meme

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